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In short, wanted 4 of the youngsters in Agenda Xs brother department an alternative holiday. Bachir suggested to visit this orphanage in Uganda, I did join because my connection through my mother founder and their need for an additional adult who had a little more knowledge of the village. After a hard effort with sales of burn-Aids and first aid equipment in collaboration with the Norwegian People's Aid, and various other creative ways to sponsor the trip, we found ourselves in Uganda where we were spending about 10 days in the village of Lira, at home with the children. Joel and Arman roommate Alan and Innocence, Charlotte and Sophie Anna, Delice and Sharon while I and bachir shared a single bed. The next day we took the kids to their first pool visit, out to eat at the restaurant. we visited the camp they were taken from. They let us visit them at school, showed us around the Lira and taught us lots of songs and games. Everything was well documented and will be posted after editing.
This was lira (Grace's home) where she hosted her visitors from Norway for four fantastic days of my life together with the To Hender and my family we enjoyed their presence here in lira.
They have been very supportive to the TO HENDER and ...LOVE AND SOLIDARITY charity groups.
From here they continued to the Murchison falls and cruised by the Nile and enjoyed activities like bird watching and other wild animals from there they continued to Mutanda to the western part of Uganda
Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin -Former Kampala Central MP Aspirant/ PDP EX National Coordinator/Deputy Spokesman

I've always believed in children, every one of us has been a child before but imagine what kind of person you would be today if your future wasn't shaped at the time you grew up! Life is like a seed that is so sowed, watered, nurtured and given time to grow.

Men and women who have made impact around the world-mention them couldn't have done so if their lives had not been prepared and taken care of You don't know who the next Obama or Oprah is therefore am asking every one of us to adore children because they are the future of the next generation, lets extend a hand of support. Let’s use the little resources we have to support these children. Am grateful for Grace Ertzgaard  Tohender Team for realizing how important it is to help children especially those who are unprivillaged.

Hi all members of the two hands! As some of you know I have been to Uganda from March to July and has thus initiated many new projects. I will first send a message to Judy Nyambura Karanja: A special thank you from the many homeless people in Uganda.

Your efforts with collection of clothing was very well received in Lira and I want you to know that this was much appreciated. In addition, I would like to thank our regular donors who are helping to ensure that our children have covered their basic needs. Schooling, food, medicine and shelter has been a concern these children no longer need to think about.

The children have been moved from the original house we rented for a safer and better place. I will eventually post my trip reports with pictures to show the children's development and how effective two hands the organization has had to date.
Best regards. Grace Auma

Please watch this video when I was on Norwegian  National TV telling my story. This powerful story has always been aired.