Welcome to Tohender Charity Organisation - Helping Orphan Children in Northern Uganda

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Grace Ertzgaard Director/ Founder of the Tohender.  Involved in charity and working  with AIDS Center in Norway.

 "I love children and helping the eldery- Its not only about orphans, quite many old people who have lost relatives and friends and need support aswell "

Ambrose Awici  is acquitanted with the life of children. He coordinates Tohender Activities in Norway.

Works in Norway as Computer Animator. "I love supporting helpless Children "

John Ertzgaard an Account with Tuhender has been involved with children-they are not only orphans but  close and part of the family that much he cares.    

Athletic Director in Norway .

"Youth and children have gotten into my dreams and empowering them means alot to me."

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Tohender Coordinator in Uganda & I.T Assistant. 

Also CEO/ President at Have It Cheap Group International-HICGI, Politician contested for Member of Parliament Kampala Central in Uganda recently concluded Elections.

"How can I deny the love I have for children! "

Heal The World
Michael Jackson (Bad)

Asta Busingye Tohender Lydersen Chief Administrator-Coonected with Tohender children ever since they were brought from the camp and the children adore her. Also working with a strong powerful music group of  celebrity Women  called  Queendom in Oslo Norway "Children are part of me and I can just do anything for them"