Welcome to Tohender Charity Organisation - Helping Orphan Children in Northern Uganda

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About Tohender

What does TO HENDER mean?
TO HENDER means TWO HANDS and its aimed at supporting vulnerable children and orphans.

How can I help?
Donations of funds, time, items, and services make our mission possible. For more information about how to do this you can reach us by e-mail.

We provide food, water, shelter, clothing, education, counseling, caretakers, medical services, and vocational training to orphans and at-risk children in northern Uganda.

How does TO HENDER ORPHANAGE select orphanages to support?
We are touched at heart by different suffering people in our communities especially northern Uganda and no written applications are submitted into our orphanage to get these orphans. We just pick the few we can take care of from the communities. We are managed or funded by well wishers and friends Based in Norway who ensure that the educational, artistic, and basic needs of the children are being met.

How much of the funding is spent on the children?
At the TO HENDER ORPHANAGE, children are our first priority and their happiness puts a smile on our face therefore 90% of our funding goes directly to the programs we support.